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What is Early Intervention?

The Early Intervention Program is a program of infant stimulation and parent training serving children who have diagnosed special needs or who are considered high risk for developmental delays.

This program is primarily offered to infants and toddlers (0-3), but may be offered to older pre-school children who are not enrolled in a day program. 

This program is voluntary and services last until the child turns age 3 or when the child has improved to the point where he/she does not need the services any longer.

Who provides these services?

An Early Interventionist is assigned to work with the family providing activities to promote or enhance age level developmental skills.

Early Intervention can make a difference for infants born prematurely, or with special needs or illness. Through this program, parents can understand more about their baby’s abilities, make decisions about goals they have for their baby, and discover ways to stimulate their baby’s growth and development. In many cases, parents can get support in adjusting to and meeting the needs of an infant with special conditions or delays.






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